Uncoil.ai has been cooking up some supercharged improvements in our data lab!

Uncoil.ai has been cooking up some supercharged improvements in our data lab!

August 26, 2019 by Uncoil Product Updates

We’ve been working away to deliver some more new useful stuff to help you rock your marketing and eCommerce.


Scale your ads with confidence from anywhere through your phone

Do you spend most of your time by your desk; do you listen to your friends talk about their interesting weekends and fun things they get to do with their time off; So what’s right? You’re making money?! What if you could still make money without sacrificing your peace of mind and lifestyle? With our new scale function, we have trained our AI with over $100MM in ad spend on how to monitor your ads and inform you when to scale for maximum ROAS. The best part is, you can take action from your phone, and from anywhere.

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See which of your ads are selling which products

It’s been a long journey to master the art of Facebook advertising, you’ve likely stitched together a complex but efficient excel document loaded with pivot sheets. You’ve also invested in the right apps to help make smarter marketing decisions but what about the other side of the story? How have you optimized your store? Unfortunately, not even the most elaborate excel document would you help you solve that.

With uncoil we can attribute advertising directly to your products; we can tell you what is working and what isn’t. Having ads that have great ROAS but results in products with a high return rate isn’t helpful for your business. With Uncoil you can finally see how your ads are affecting your store and see which products are being sold with which ads. Now you can optimize your marketing AND your eCommerce to increase your business’ efficiency and profit at the same time.

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If your using Shopify’s Cost of Goods feature we now provide higher fidelity feedback on your advertising and eCommerce performance.

We’ve heard your feedback; You’re working with a number of platforms/software at once, each is giving you a little piece of the picture that makes up your business. If you have been using Cost of Goods in your Shopify account, the good news is we’ve now incorporated that into Uncoil. Now you can actually see how well your ads and products are doing with the cost of goods being incorporated into the results. No more having to copy and paste or exporting sheets and doing the calculations yourself. Our recommendations now take into account your COGS so you don’t have to and can see your business’ true performance with ease. Soon we will be launching more granular cost metric insights as well to find your true product cost easily without the hassle of those spreadsheets.

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Get insights on products that were impossible before

Have you been watching your Shopify store and wondering how your advertising is affecting your store? Does the area between your advertising and your store kinda feel like a black box leaving you guessing if your advertising efforts are doing what you expected? Have you tried dabbling in trying to figure that hairy mess out? you’re not alone. Now with Uncoil, we bring clarity through insights to this part of your customers’ journey so you can make intelligent and informed business decisions. Get insights like, which product/ad has the highest return on investment, or which product variant has the highest conversions by return customers. See these insights and a slew of others in Uncoil, the only product on the market that gives you true ad/product attribution.

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Pause and scale ad sets on your mobile device from anywhere.

We have battle tested Uncoil with ad level recommendations and now have developed and tested our ad set level insights. Now you can see how ad sets are performing as a whole, what parts are working and what isn’t as well as recommendations on what to do. Taking action on those recommendations is as simple as pressing a button. If your curious and you want to understand what’s behind our recommendations, we have provided a more in-depth analysis at the ad set and campaign level so you can diagnose and see what’s going on for yourself.

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Ever wonder what other store level metrics you don’t get to see in Shopify?

Have you been watching your Shopify store and wondering if your store is actually making money? Does your spreadsheet feel like a mess and never really accurate when compered with your accounting at the end of the month? Now with Uncoil, we bring accuracy and ease to your store metrics by removing the spreadsheet and adding automation to calculate the most difficult and confusing metrics so you don’t have to! This will give you that leg up to make intelligent and informed business decisions. See these metrics and a slew of others in Uncoil, the only product on the market that will optimize your store with your ad spend!

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Whether you’re an eCommerce ninja or just starting out, Uncoil increases your profits while saving you hours a day.

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