Grow your Q1 profits with ease using this set of new features.

Grow your Q1 profits with ease using this set of new features.

January 22, 2020 by Uncoil Product Updates

We’ve made some exciting changes that make Uncoil even better and will help you manage your marketing/eCommerce with ease. 

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 ✔️ Benchmark Facebook Metrics: Take out some of the guesswork of identifying how the Facebook ad market is performing by having a way to compare your metrics to benchmarks for metrics like CPM, CTR, & EPC – averages created with data from across the entire Uncoil Platform.

✔️ Predicted LTV: Have you ever thought to yourself, “Jeeze, I wish I knew what the LTV of my audience is”? WELL, YOU’RE IN LUCK MY FRIEND. We have developed a new insight telling you what the LTV is for your repeat customers and their buying habits. But wait, there’s more! It even shows what the revenue a customer could generate with a lifespan of 90, 180, and 360 days as predicted by our new LTV Machine Learning algorithm. 

✔️ Your churn and predicted “At risk” customers: Get insight into your customers churn like you never could before with our churn prediction algorithm. It lets you know how many customers are in your active audience, how many customers are at risk of churning, and the change in your total churn over the last 30 days, ensuring you can better optimize your store as well as your audience!

✔️Product Purchase Audience Analytics: We’ve heard your pains, and we have implemented a way to see all the audience attributes associated with a product purchase, so that you can get an accurate picture of how to target and expand your audience via its performance. Find this feature on any product details overlay.

Product Purchase Audience

✔️ Pixel Event Funnel: See your Facebook pixel event funnel (Impressions, PageViews, ContentViews, InititateCheckouts, Purchases) right from an ad, ad set or campaign details overlay. Even better, we have the average cost per each event already calculated so you don’t have to!     

✔️ CartHook Integration (Beta): We are proud to announce the release of our CartHook Upsell integration! Currently it’s in “Beta” as we work out connecting all the data for upsell specific features like upsell take rate on ads and your audience. What it does give you in the meantime is ad to product attribution for CartHook upsell flows, giving you more accurate product and ad metrics. Add the integration by going to your settings under “Integrations” for increased accuracy of your upsell and ad metrics.

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Next Month’s Release.  

Next month, once you have fully recovered from the busiest time of the year, we will be rolling out some new features that can help you continue to dominate as we leave the holiday season behind.

A sneak peak of the release is Ad Set User Journeys, new Purchaser Audience metrics and attributes, and Upsell specific insights with Google Ads in development!

“We used to spend hours analyzing our ad performance trying to spot a trend and trying to figure out when and how would be the most cost-effective way to scale our ads. Uncoil took a lot of the stress out of the equation and has increased our revenue by over 15%” 

Nathan Mckinley, Digital Strategist – CPG Labs

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Whether you’re an eCommerce ninja or just starting out, Uncoil increases your profits while saving you hours a day.

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