EZ-LTV: The solution to understand lifetime value.

EZ-LTV: The solution to understand lifetime value.

February 26, 2021 by Uncoil eCommerce

One of our Shopify apps has been selected as a Staff Pick on the Shopify App Store. It is a rare honor… It was also a huge surprise as we just launched the app last week.

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But, us got thinking, maybe it’s not totally crazy for Shopify to give us, a ‘brand new app’, a major feature in the app store given all their communication around the rising importance of Lifetime Value (LTV) in 2021… growing CACs, decreasing CVRs from competition etc. It actually makes sense given there are not a lot of great apps out there that make understanding LTV easy.

You’ve probably got questions. We will try our best to answer them.

What? The app, EZ-LTV, allows you to understand your customer LTV, and where it comes from easily. 

Why? Our partners’ and connected network all felt the time intensive pain of having to analyze customers behaviour over time manually. 

Which? We needed to understand which products were bringing in the highest value customers. Which discount codes were making cheap CACs but low value customers etc etc.

How? Easy integrations, data automatically transformed and smartly displayed. It enables you to understand behaviours, develop hypotheses, deploy strategies to maximize profits.

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What you get before during and after the week?

Receive special pricing when in early access! if you sign up while we are featured on the app store (until February 24th, 2021)

Full features FOR LIFE, even after we break out a very premium priced ($1000/mo ‘Enterprise Tier’)

14 Day Free Trial – You don’t even need to commit to anything. Two weeks to try it for free and get value!

Ridiculously low price  (Compare to outsourced data science at $2k+/mo)

Get personalized support. We really want to help you understand and optimize your LTV and help solve problems that get in your way (email us at support@uncoil.ai and we will get back to you quickly)

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Do you have more questions? Need assistance? We can give you a personalized, concierge, high touch, white glove on-boarding. Easily book a time that works for you HERE

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