What To Do About Ad Burnout

What To Do About Ad Burnout

January 7, 2020 by Uncoil Advertising


Have you ever seen an ad on Facebook, Google or some other platform and see it over-and-over again? You eventually find yourself completely ignoring the ad; this is typically what is called ‘banner blindness’ and you’re not the only person that does it. Actually, according to a study by infolinks in 2013 approximately 86% of users suffer from banner blindness. This is a major symptom/signal of ad burnout ( also referred to as ad fatigue ). Ad Burnout is when your ads are repeatedly shown to the same audience and causes them to begin to ignore them. This can have disastrous effects on your campaign as it can negatively impact your brand, irritate your audience, and increase your CPC while ultimately negatively impacting your ROI.

Ad Burnout is when your ads are repeatedly shown to the same audience and causing them to begin to ignore them.


Fortunately, with Facebook there are a ton of metrics to help you monitor and diagnose your campaigns to determine your ad performance. When it comes to diagnosing ad burnout it is a combination of closely monitoring your click-through rate (CTR), ad Frequency, and cost per click (CPC).

The first major signal you should pay attention to is your CTR. If this begins to drop then you need to drill into frequency and CPC to see what’s going on.

Typically when you see frequency and CPC increasing ( while your CTR is decreasing ) this is a sign that your ads are beginning to burn out. This means you have saturated your audience and they are no longer interacting with your ads.  


When it comes to Ad Burnout it is easier to prevent than it is to resolve; we, however, have some solutions that can help you if your in this situation.

In order to mitigate ad burnout, it’s important to do some market research, build a communication strategy, divide your audience segments and appropriately set up a budget.

Preventing or mitigating Ad Burnout is easier than trying to resolve.

Some things you can do to help mitigate ad burnout is:

  • Make sure you have enough variety in your creatives and copy that Facebook can use to optimize.
  • Appropriately segment your target audience and check audience overlap by making sure you are not targeting the same users in different target groups ( either accidentally or intentionally )
  • Make sure you have selected an appropriate size of the target audience ( smaller audiences will require more frequent monitoring )

Once you have launched your campaign it’s important that you monitor them frequently. This will help you determine how your ads are performing and inform what actions you will need to take in order circumvent burnout.

Frequent monitoring of your campaigns is the best way to identify and prevent ad burnout

Things you can do when you start to see your ads beginning to burnout:

  • Switch your ad creatives and introduce more variety ( this should be done incrementally as large changes can impact your ad sets’ optimization )
    • Once you do this, It’s important to monitor, If the frequency of impressions grows simultaneously with the growth of interactions it is likely that your performance is growing. However, If the frequency of impressions increases and interactions go down, it means you have saturated your target audience.
  • Alternatively, if you have enough data for optimized ad Delivery, you can expand your targeting.

Ad Burnout is an expected and normal part of advertising; you can, however, with some planning and strategy mitigate ad burnout. The impacts of ad burnout can severely affect your brand, the efficiency of your campaign and your ultimately your pocketbook. With close monitoring; however, you can avoid this and take action.

If sitting by your computer and/or incessantly checking your phone to monitor your campaigns for ad burnout doesn’t appeal to you, we have an app that can do that for you and with a simple click take action to prevent the effects of ad burnout. Check out Uncoil.ai

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