No More Ad Set Budgets? Don’t Worry! Uncoil Can Help!

No More Ad Set Budgets? Don’t Worry! Uncoil Can Help!

February 27, 2020 by Uncoil Advertising

Facebook has recently announced that certain eligible advertising accounts will be migrating to campaign budget optimization exclusively as of February 27, 2020. This has many advertisers scrambling to get up to speed on how to optimize and manage their ads with this uncertain change. 

What this means for your account

1. Budget settings will be moved to the campaign level, and no longer be available at the ad set level

2. New campaigns must use campaign budgets and there will be no option to switch to ad set budgets

3. Edits to existing campaigns with ad set budgets will be limited

Facebook says this should help you efficiently manage and maximize value from your campaigns and benefit from lower costs per results for your campaigns. 

As this is a major transition which may be tricky to navigate through and cause some frustration in your buying (if you have not transitioned over to the new way to buy), we understand that! So we are here to help and ensure you exceed your profit potential.

Here’s how using Uncoil can help you

CBO Scale Recommendations
Know when to scale your CBO campaigns by duplication or budget increase base on our battle-hardened predictive analysis machine learning models. 

New machine-learning algorithm
We are taking more of the guesswork out of buying Facebook ads within your CBO campaigns! This set of 3 recommendations will ensure you get the full potential of your profitability, scaling and pausing at the most optimal times.

Pause & Burnout Recommendations
Know when to pause your advertisement to reduce any lost profit on your spending. 

Product Attribution
Get insights you never could before with our unique attribution engine. Tie your CBO ads to the products they have sold to ensure proper targeting and optimize product performance. 

Ad Set User Journey Visualization
See the user journeys associated with each of your Ad Set in your CBO campaign, giving you the ability to identify friction spots in your funnels. No need to interpret and build your reports in Google Analytics, we just do it for you! 

And, here are Uncoil’s tips for the transition:

1. Be prepared! Feel free to reach out to us (link contact page? email address?) if you need more clarification.

2. Keep an eye on your accounts while Facebook is pushing this out in phases.

`3. If you have been uncertain if you like CBO’s, now is the time to start testing before you’re fully forced into it.

4. Let Uncoil be your safety net! We can help in this uncertain time to ensure proper performance and results with your transition.

Contact us here or here if you have any questions or need us to walk through the changes. 

Whether you’re an eCommerce ninja or just starting out, Uncoil increases your profits while saving you hours a day.

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